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From its very beginnings as a “small company from Ivanka pri Dunaji” called Prodan Interier in 2007, to a multi-faceted company with top technology and unprecedented quality, surpassing itself with every order. This is the story of PRODAN group, a brand providing a complete service regarding interior and exterior creation in all possible forms covering all available professional and technological areas, setting market trends

PRODAN group is a brand embodying certainty and quality. We constantly strive for excellence and understand the necessity of an individual and specific approach. That is why at PRODAN group we emphasize our ability to create any type of interior for any client.

Within our departments we provide:

  • design, production and supply of atypical furniture elements made from the widest range of materials available on the market
  • consultancy on all types of interiors
  • project work on building modifications, including complex systems of air conditioning, lighting and space planning
  • launching our own innovative and original acoustic zones that compete with any other global manufacturer on the market
  • support and systematic work in the form implementation of project management at all levels and departments of the company

Another of the directions we have taken at PRODAN group is to raise awareness of the quality of materials that surround us in the office space in which we spend a large part of our daily lives. Our own-designed series of products that win awards in foreign markets such as France, United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and many others also helps us with this goal.

Our own production is also complemented by the most awarded brands in the market. These have become part of the basic pillars of our service and together we have implemented many unique projects with them throughout Europe. However, we consider more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of completed projects to be only the beginning of our story.

Last but not least, we would like to mention our brand 4KONCEPT, which was established in 2015 as a separate project, and the result of the great success of our teamwork. The aim of the brand is to transform the space in accordance with the latest interior design trends using ecological natural materials so that the identity and individuality of each individual client is preserved and the space personifies the unique needs of each employee. Within our portfolio, we offer a unique collection called WOOD I, which is a range of products specifically designed to enable modern office spaces to achieve optimal acoustic conditions and thereby increase creativity and productivity in the workplace.

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