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“Sound, unlike light, is not visual and is therefore often underestimated when it comes to interior designs. Poor acoustics can cause a number of problems in the office that inevitably lead to an inefficient workspace, reduced productivity and, in the worst case, even loss of employees. That’s why the topic of spatial acoustics is more important than ever in today’s work culture.”

Ľuboš Lánský (CEO and company director)

Acoustics is an important, but often neglected element in space. Incorrectly planned acoustics in office spaces have a negative impact on work productivity and also on the physical and mental mood of space users. Each environment has its own and specific requirements, from large spaces such as open-plan offices to smaller rooms such as meeting rooms and closed offices.

The results of a study by the University of Berkeley showed that an ordinary employee devotes 60% of his working time to quiet, concentrated work. It takes up to 25 minutes for a person to be able to concentrate again and return to the original task. In the PRODAN group, we have used this knowledge and therefore we understand that much better results are achieved in a healthy working environment and that an optimally balanced acoustic working environment is the basis for satisfied and efficient employees. With the right selection of acoustic elements, optimal acoustic values are achieved in each room

We will create an interior for you that will not limit your work, creativity and, most importantly, communication. We are a leader in projects for spatial acoustics of interiors, we design and deliver a complete acoustic solution of premises tailored to your requirements.

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