PRODAN lights

“Many of us spend more than 8 hours a day in the office, that’s more than 2,000 hours a year – 1/3 of our daily life. Why don’t we create the most ideal environment for this time? The automotive industry is constantly innovating technology to push users’ visual limits and make life easier. The same thing happens in IT technologies, in the world of design technology, etc... And we do the same in the working lives of our clients and their colleagues.”

Adrián Kováč (product specialist for lights)

For us, light is not just electromagnetic radiation, it means much more to us. Light is a medium, it sets the mood, style and atmosphere, it is a source of energy and peace. Even the most luxurious and interesting buildings, spaces or materials can completely disappear if they are not properly lit and, because of appropriate lighting, even unpretentiously furnished spaces can literally take your breath away.

Light always decides the result. That’s what we enjoy most about it. Within our department, we cooperate with leading lighting design companies of premium quality, such as XAL or WEVER & DUCRÉ, whose impressive portfolio has a wide range of products with distinctive style and aesthetics.

5 reasons to leave the lighting design and implementation to our experts

  1. We will help and advise. We have been working with light since 1999 and know more about it than anyone else. We constantly follow the latest trends and news, we regularly attend major European trade fairs, professional seminars, conferences or workshops at our domestic or foreign partners.
  2. We will create a professional solution for you. We are experienced experts and maximum flexible professionals. We have completed hundreds of projects, of which we are duly proud. We work regularly and for a long time with the best electrical experts in the country and consult with our friends at the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture.
  3. We take care of everything. We know that your time is precious, that's why we offer a complete service: consulting, design and projection, delivery of lights as well as their installation and service.
  4. We work efficiently. We create innovative and creative solutions that meet your expectations in terms of quality, design and financial possibilities.
  5. A result you will be proud of. We enjoy our work - we tackle each project individually, on a turnkey basis, with the utmost commitment and joy. So that everyone is satisfied with the final solution. You and us.

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