PRODAN fit-out

“Fit-out projects, because of their perfect system of management, quality control and continuity of all project phases, represent an ideal solution for companies making an effective financial investment and bringing the desired result in the form of high quality, durability and long life of the designed and realized interior in perfect accordance with the aesthetic and functional requirements of the client.”

Peter Janiga (fit-out a well-being manager)

How did the idea for this unique service come about? Every new refurbishment or new project always carries a certain source of risks. Often, during implementation, contractors do not cooperate, which results in postponing the planned deadlines, it takes away the consistency of the work performed and ultimately several times the cost of the project. Solution? One multi-faceted, reliable company that understands that every interior is specific and each space needs a unique look and functional design elements, and can develop a well-thought-out project in detail, for which it is responsible from the beginning to the very end. At PRODAN group, we make it a priority to be a responsible partner who will arrange the complete project implementation process from A to Z.

How does the fit-out process work?
  • inspection and surveying of space
  • solution of space layout
  • budget calculation
  • scheduling of work schedule
  • coordination of subcontracts and technologies
  • control and optimization of costs
  • preparation for final approval
  • handing over the finished fit-out implementation to the client

Another very important part of creating a new interior for the client is unique architectural and acoustic elements designed and made to measure, where the aspect of design execution is key, as is the overall functionality of the interior. Needs diagnostics specifically to meet the client’s requirements serve as a tool for the conceptual design of interior furnishings, incorporating all architectural and technical requirements. At PRODAN group, we make it a priority that the aesthetic expectations of the customer are in perfect harmony with the functional and utilization needs of future users of the interior. Our rich long-term experience and wide product portfolio is a guarantee that we will find the best solution that will meet the criteria for the given interior and can respond to the requirements of even the most demanding client.

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